Outsourced Solutions

The Alteon3D is the Service Division of CIM Technologies, Inc. was established in 1989 Makati, Philippines when our company started its operation . Over the years, we have gained the trust and loyalty of our local and international clients across different industries by successfully providing a complete and adaptive solutions package for their demanding requirements.

Our goal is to continuously be the market leader in providing high quality customized services by maximizing our core competencies in Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering, Project Management, Project Data Management, Rapid Prototyping / 3D Printing and Building Information Modeling Services/Consultancy.


Utilizing various conversion methods, we scan and convert our client’s manual drawing and blue prints into CAD files. With our system that quickly shows the revised drafts through digitized drawings, we spend less time converting drawings thus, allowing our clients to have more time utilizing them.


We provide 2D to 3D conversion services for parts and assembly modeling (3D Printing). With solid modeling, multiple perspectives and various physical properties are applied allowing you to view the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed design. In addition, the 3D model can be analyzed for performance improvement and quality verification using simulation tools, thereby allowing designers to avoid failures and reduce material costs. This service will save both time and money detecting design problems before a prototype is ever built.

LARGE FORMAT SCANNING and PRINTINGCAD Drafting, 3D Model, Reverse Engineering, Large Format Scanning

Ease of reproduction, security and prevention of loss and damage to information are significant reasons to scan or achieve important documents. For better document management, we can scan and print engineering drawings, maps, site plans, survey reports and other large documents from A4 to A0 sizes as well as ARCH size documents.