Products by Industry

From Architects to Civil Engineers and other Building Industry Design Professionals, Autodesk and Primavera’s AEC software solutions help plan, design, analyze, and create building projects intelligently and more efficiently through an enhanced process and collaboration among the key players.

Whether you create maps, select sites, build roads and bridges, and manage physical infrastructure, the bulk of your information resource is location data. To manage you location or geospatial data successfully, you would need an intelligent GIS enterprise offered by Autodesk. 

For manufacturing companies in the fields of semiconductors, metalworking, industrial machinery and equipment, electro-mechanical, and the likes; creating innovative products, increasing profits, and decreasing the time to market have always been the important goals. These goals are achievable utilizing the latest technologies offered by Siemens Velocity Series Products and 3D Printers.

Today's education needs are pretty clear. Distributing information more efficiently and improving the quality of learning outcomes.  CIM Technologies supports academic achievement by providing access to the industry-leading design software and hardware that helps faculty and students push conceptual thinking in the classroom and prepare for future careers in design, engineering, manufacturing and project and data management.