Design Solution

Design Engineers

Design engineers need the flexibility to design at the symbol, part, block or sheet level for maximum speed and productivity. CADSTAR’s ability to create mixed hierarchical and multi-sheet schematics helps organize even the most complex designs; while the connective database automatically maintains net intelligence and design constraints throughout the tool flow.

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CADSTAR for Electronic Design Engineers

Layout Professionals

Layout professionals demands a toolset that supports their creativity and preferred working methods, but also maintains design integrity and conformance to design rules to ensure a ready to manufacture output. CADSTAR’s customizable user interface, ability to support any layer and element (pads, tracks, etc.) definitions and powerful interactive tools let you design the way that suits you.

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CADSTAR for Layout Professionals

High-speed Specialist

High-speed design specialists need fully integrated routing, signal and power integrity analysis that allows measurement and analysis of complex parameters ‘on the fly’ in a logical and usable way. CADSTAR Constraint Manager adopts a familiar spreadsheet paradigm that dramatically simplifies the complex process of managing the hierarchical rules involved when implementing today's high performance devices.

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CADSTAR for High-Speed Design Specialists

CADSTAR is Zuken’s powerful PCB design solution allowing an intuitive work flow, guiding the designers easily through their design process. CADSTAR incorporates all the technologies necessary for a complete electronic development process in one environment.
From schematics, board- and FPGA level system design, PCB layout, high-speed and signal integrity, analysis, 3D, creating manufacturing output, complemented by complete data management capabilities and extensive internet-accessible libraries containing over 200,000 components.
Its price, performance coupled with a scalable design environment, provides total flexibility to engineers of small to mid-size EDA development teams. 



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