AutoCAD Architecture 2017

What's New

Create Type
A new option, Create Type, appears when you add architectural building objects such as walls, curtain walls, railings, slabs, and roof slabs. This lets you draw regular shapes much faster and more accurately. You can easily create these objects as a rectangle, circle, polygon or free-form polyline.
Architectural renovation
Design and produce renovation projects more quickly with building renovation tools. Graphically represent design changes to existing buildings as existing, new, or demolished, and coordinate renovation drawing views.
Styles browser (enhanced)
The Manage Content Library dialog box lets you add a directory to the Content library so that all drawings will be included. When you expand an object node at the bottom of the drop-down list, the contents now scroll upward so you can see all of the objects under that node.
A360 has also been added to the Select Drawings dialog box for the Content library so you can share styles among geographically dispersed teams.
Sections and elevations (enhanced)
A new Properties setting for the 2D Section/Elevation result will force it to automatically refresh when you open a drawing. This means that results are always up to date. In addition, grip states have been added to the Section line so you can modify it instead of recreate it.
Create and update 2D sections through dialog box reduction. To create a section, draw a section line. AutoCAD Architecture generates a 2D section, based on the objects that are automatically included within the boundary of the section line. For even greater control, add and exclude additional objects.



Streamline architectural design and drafting
Design and document more efficiently with AutoCAD® Architecture software, created specifically for architects.
New AutoCAD Architecture features for 2017
Design, document, and customize more effectively in AutoCAD® Architecture 2017 with new roof grip editing and profile tools. Enhanced features include the Style browser, and sections and elevations.
Roof grip editing
Architects can now create and modify roof outlines with more control using grips. When you add a vertex, both edges will have the same properties as the initial edge. A straight edge can be turned into an arc, and existing segments can be offset. When you remove a vertex, the properties of the lower-numbered edge will be used on the resulting edge.
Edit live section
Easily adjust a design in Section or Elevation view. This streamlined process removes many previous manual actions. You can easily modify objects in the current drawing or in any level of Xref.


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