AutoCAD Civil 3D

BIM tools for civil engineering design
AutoCAD® Civil 3D® civil engineering software tools support Building Information Modeling (BIM) and help reduce the time it takes to design, analyze, and implement changes. 
Analyze gravity networks
Use the Analyze Pipe Network wizard to resize pipes and reset inverts and to compute the energy and hydraulic grade lines according to HEC-22 2009 standards.
  • Iteratively analyze a pipe network using appropriate rainfall data.
  • Review results graphically and in a .csv file.
  • Modify the results and rerun the analysis.
  • Apply the results to the pipe network.
  • Resize Pipes and Reset Inverts
Analyzes the flow through the pipes, and then resizes the pipes and resets inverts to accommodate the flow. You can review and apply these results from the Results page of the wizard. Applying the results of the analysis updates the pipe sizes and inverts elevations according to the calculated results. Doing so also applies all calculated properties to the pipe network.
Note: This option does not calculate hydraulic properties (EGL and HGL). To calculate hydraulic properties, select the Compute Energy and Hydraulic Grade Lines check box.
Compute Energy and Hydraulic Grade Lines
Calculates the energy and hydraulic grade lines, and then displays a graphical preview of the results (if a profile view is present in the drawing). You can apply these results to the pipe network from the Results page of the wizard. Applying the results of the analysis applies the calculated energy and hydraulic grade values to the affected parts in the pipe network.


Model in 3D with civil engineering software
Use AutoCAD® Civil 3D® civil engineering design and documentation software to support Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows.
What's new
Corridor data shortcut (DREF) (enhanced)
Create data shortcuts for corridors so other drawings can reference them. When data shortcuts are created for a corridor, shortcuts are also created for the alignments and profiles that make up the corridor baselines. Save the geometry of a reference surface in the drawing that contains the data shortcut reference, and create multiple data shortcut references at once.
Advanced roundabout design
AutoCAD Civil 3D now offers integrated roundabout-related features from Vehicle Tracking swept path analysis software, so you can create a new type of roundabout object. In addition, you can now bring InfraWorks 360 roundabout designs into Civil 3D drawings.
Corner cleanup for corridors
Where corridor tangents intersect at a corner, and where the corridor is created at a fixed width, the inner and outer corners of corridors are cleaned up automatically to improve modeling efficiency and accuracy.



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