Stanford IT Learning launches Global eTraining: The First Interactive Online CAD Training Platform in the Philippines

June 27, 2017

Learn anywhere, anytime, how you want it.

Both known as leaders in providing high- quality CAD trainings, CIM Technologies and Global eTraining (GeT) now offer a new and exciting CAD training program for students and professionals in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) and  Manufacturing.

With over 40 online comprehensive training libraries and courses, GeT  has the largest collection of software training modules that will fit your learning needs- from Fundamentals and Advanced courses of AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D to Building Information Modelling Introduction and Strategies for AEC firm owners, contractors, engineers and a lot more.

Not everyone think and learn alike that's why all the courses from GeT  are crafted with unique combination of learning styles with text, audio, demos, exercises and videos, making the training environment more interactive and engaging.

Access to any of GeT's libraries and courses has a span of 1 year that users can access anytime they want to- day or night, whatever time is the best for them to take the various chapters of each training library.

At the end of each chapter, a progress test is to be done to make sure that acquired knowledge was retained.

As one of the Top Ten countries in the world whose likely to increase adaption of online learning in the near future, this could be a great way to gain competitive edge and to stay ahead of the dynamic world of the building ,construction and manufacturing industries.

For the complete list of GeT's libraries and courses, please visit Stanford IT Learning's website: or for easy online transactions , students and professionals can now have GeT access through our eStore: