High Quality CAD Trainings for DPWH Designers and Engineers

January 20, 2017

In the efforts of improving the skills of the designers and engineers from Department of Public Works and Highways as they work on future projects,  a series of CAD trainings were conducted through a partnership with Autodesk, CIM Technologies and Stanford IT Learning.  Participants came from the organization various regional offices throughout the country. 



The trainings were conducted on DPWH Offices in Manila and Quezon City and Stanford IT Learning in Makati. The first batch started on July 2016 and ended on November 2016, accommodating a total of 33 batches with almost 1000 participants. 



Each training lasted for three days discussing the Fundamental courses for Autodesk AutoCAD, Civil 3D and Revit Architecture, MEP and Structure.

All trainings were conducted by the certified roster of engineers from CIM Technologies and Stanford IT Learning.

The intensive trainings helped all the participants in utilizing all the tools and features of the Autodesk design solutions recently acquired by DPWH. They have learned a lot of new techniques in coming up with the most intelligent 3D models that are needed in building high quality public buildings and infrastructure works.



Testimonials from the participants:

"I have zero knowledge in Revit so this training helped me enhance my design capability."

- Participant from Revit Architecture Training

"Revit training definitely aids my skills as an HVAC Engineer."

- Participant from Revit MEP Training

"I have learned a lot, kudos to all the instructor and training staff for a job well done."

"I have a great time in this training. I can now utilize the software than before."

- Participant from AutoCAD Training


Stanford IT Learning is the training arm of CIM technologies. For complete list of courses and inquiries, please visit http://www.stanford-it-learning.com/