Game of Drones: Solid Edge ST9 Design Competition

January 20, 2017


Siemens, together with CIM Technologies and HP, wrapped up 2016 with Game of Drones: Solid Edge ST9 Design Competition. Current users and students gathered and showcased their creativity in creating their own drones, complete with unique features and capabilities. 

Owning the throne for the User's Division was Concepcion Durables, with their  "Compact Drone". Solid Edge's capabilities  made it easier for the group in coming up with a drone that would best transform all their ideas to life. "Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 9 is reliable for fast and easy design. It has features like multibody design where you can add parts in a part file and to me that is very useful. It has best in class surfacing to produce high quality outlook and then partnered with Keyshot to visualize your every design. The user interface is user-friendly to comprehend every command. I have been using it for the past five and a half years and I have been satisfied so far.", Team Lead Leonard Barba said.

Next to Concepcion Durables is Arms Corporation. Their drone has remarkable features including Emergency FailSafe Recovery, Flight Data Recording, Territory sensor-based overwatch and a lot more. According to Rommel Jarquio, Leader of Team ArmsCor, Solid Edge's Synchronous Technology helped them in creating a precise model of the drone design they have in mind. 

 Meanwhile, topping the Student Category was MFI Technological Institute. Paolo Buenconsejo, the student behind the winning drone said that Keyshot plugin of Solid Edge helped him render the drone design beautifully.

There will always be no other way but up. The competition will get tighter and the challenges will be tougher. Will Concepcion Durables and MFI protect their thrones?

 Stay with us on the competition's next chapter.

 You can try designing through Solid Edge too. Click this link for a 30-day free trial: